National Flag

The current national flag of Egypt was adopted on October 4, 1984 . The design of the new flag was done through the amendment of the Law in 1972 , when Egypt joined the Federation of Arab Republics .

Egypt Flag

The first real national flag recorded was introduced by Muhammad Ali , either to symbolize the victory of his armies in 3 continents , the Europe , Asia , and Africa or his own sovereignty over Egypt , Nubia , and the Sudan . The First official National flag of modern Egypt was adopted by a Royal Decree in 1923 , when Egypt gained partial independence from the United Kingdom in 1922 . It included a white crescent with three stars on a green background. The three stars of the flag evidently represented either the three peoples of Egypt, the Muslims, Christians and Jews or the three parts comprising the Kingdom, the Egypt, Nubia and the Sudan.

After joining the Federation of Arab Republics and through the amended Law, the stars of the previous flag was removed and replaced by a golden hawk- the ‘Hawk of Qureish', holding a scroll with the Arabic name of the Federation. In 1984 a change was made and in addition to restoring the Eagle of Saladin , the color of the top red stripe was changed back to the red used in the United Arab Republic flag which is a bit lighter.

Horizontally divided equally into red, white and black, the flag with the emblem showing the so-called Eagle of Saladin - a shield superimposed on a golden eagle facing the hoist side above a scroll bearing the name of the country in Arabic , is in the middle of the white stripe in golden-yellow. The flag is sometimes pictured with different colors in different places. Some flags seen in Cairo have the emblem as gold, white, gold; or red, white, black; or light gold hatching, white, dark gold hatching; or white, white, white with two gold vertical lines to divide the three parts.

The color red refers to the period before the 1952 Revolution which brought a group of army officers to power after deposing King Farouk , the then King of Egypt . This period is characterized by the struggle of the people against the British occupation of the country. The white symbolizes the advent of the 1952 Revolution which ended the monarchy without carnage and bloodshed and the color black symbolizes the end of the oppression of the Egypt people at the hands of the Monarchy and British colonialism. The colors of the current flag became the time-honored Pan-Arab colors , also seen on the flags of Yemen, Syria and Iraq , but the central emblem differs from one country to the other.

Besides being hoisted daily on border posts and customs building, the flag is also put up on all governmental buildings on Fridays, official holidays, on the inauguration of the People's Assembly session and other occasions on which the Minister of Interior commands that the flag be hoisted. It is also hoisted on Egyptian consulates and embassies overseas on the National Day and other national occasions, as well as during the visit of the President to the country hoisting the diplomatic mission.


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