National Symbols of Egypt

A national symbol symbolizes the country it represents. The symbol may be in the form of an emblem, a flag, coat of arms, anthem or any other patriotic materials such as the national bird, color, animals, plants, Head of State, Father or Mother of the nation and so on. Although some unofficial symbols are recognized by the people and just because they are important don't make them ‘official symbols'. An official national symbol needs the recognition of the law of the land, which guarantees the proper use of the particular symbols. Likewise common unofficial national symbols are like, national myths, epics, dishes, dress, dances, hero, instrument etc.

The following are the national symbols of Egypt:

The Egyptian Flag: The current flag was adopted on October 4, 1984 , depicting Egypt's national emblem, the Eagle of Saladin centered in the white band of the three equal horizontal bands of red at the top, white, and black at the bottom.

National Emblem: The Eagle of Saladin , depicting power, beauty and independence is the national emblem of Egypt. This golden Egypt is placed in the middle of the national flag.

National Anthem: ‘Bilady, bilady, bilady' or ‘My homeland, my homeland, my homeland' , has been the national anthem of Egypt since 1979.

Coat of arms of Egypt: The Egyptian coat of arms shows a golden eagle looking toward the left, the symbol of which dates from the time of Saladin. On the pedestal on which the eagle stands appears in Arabic the national name, Jumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiya ("Arab Republic of Egypt").

National Sport: Football also known as Soccer is the national sport of Egypt. The two Egyptian Soccer clubs, El Ahly and El Zamalek are the most popular.

National Language: Arabic is the national language of Egypt. Besides, English and French are also widely understood by the educated class.

National Flower: The Egyptian Lotus is the national flower of Egypt. It's also referred to as the water-lily, an aquatic flower.

Father of Nation: The Egyptian Pharaohs, Saad Zaghlul and Gamal Nasser are referred to as the Father of the nation.

The Pharaoh was the ancient Egyptian name for the office of kingship. They were rulers believed to be the incarnation of Horus , an Egyptian ancient God.

Saad Zaghlul was an Egyptian politician who served as the Prime Minister of the country.

Gamal Abdel Nasser was the President of Egypt from 1954 until his death in 1970.

Nationalized Patriotic Symbols: The Great Pyramids of Egypt in Gaza is the most ancient and famous sites in Egypt and also in the world. It's also one of the oldest surviving Seven Wonders of the World and a pride of the nation.

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt is believed to be the most immense stone sculpture ever made by man. It's a huge structure with the head of a human and a lion's body. It's the first truly colossal royal sculpture in Egypt and is a national symbol of Egypt, both ancient and modern.


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