Finland Independence Day

National Flag of Finland

Finland celebrates Independence Day, known as Itsenäisyyspäivä in Finnish, on the 6th of December every year, to commemorate the independence from the Russian rule. Independence came to the Finnish after a very long struggle, and thus they celebrate the Independence Day with great fervour and style.


  • Finland was initially a part of the Swedish kingdom.
  • Later it formed an autonomous Grand Duchy in the Russian Empire and remained under the Russians for 108 years.
  • After the First World War, Finland withdrew from the Russian rule due to disturbances inside Russia because of hardships.
  • After discussions and several disagreements between the non-socialists and the social-democrats, Finland finally made a Declaration of Independence on the 4th of December, 1917, which was officially adopted on 6th December, 1917.


Independence Day is a grand celebration in Finland with a combination of solemnity and enjoyment.

  • There is a parade held at the Senate Square.
  • Students carrying torches walk from the Hietaniemi Cemetery walk to Senate Square.
  • Patriotic speeches are given by leaders and the President awards medals for outstanding achievements.
  • Tributes are paid at war memorials and special church services are held.
  • The colours of the Finnish flags can be seen everywhere.
  • People light blue and white candles and place them at the windows.
  • All official buildings are decorated in the blue and white colours.
  • It is a festive day which the Finnish spend with family and friends and partake on feasts.
  • All the offices and shops remain closed this day
  • The T.V. broadcasts programmes like patriotic songs and the legendary film The Unknown Soldier.
  • Many formal and informal social events are held all over Finland.
  • The President hosts an Independence Day reception where all the VIPs are invited.
  • In Helsinki the young school children are invited to Finlandia Hall, the landmark building designed by Alvar Aalto, for an Independence Day Gala.


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