History of France


The advent of French Revolution was in 1789 and ended in late 1790s. This period provided the famous French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte with much power. The fight for independence led French men to raze and bring about changes in its politics which till then was known for feudalism and monarchy. This war was quite brutal and though it failed to achieve the desired goal it did reveal the power of its people. This was followed by a series of wars that included succession wars (Spanish & Austrian), Seven Year war followed by the Bastille Day war that played is a symbolic day in French history.

The French adopted a constitution (final draft) on 4th October 1958.

13371453  King Charles ousted the English from France in the Hundred Years War.

1483   Louis the 11th brings about the restoration of Royal Powers in France.

15031697   Charles the 8th initiates a battle for supremacy which lasts for two centuries.

15891610  Henry the 4th make monarchy absolute and restores peace and religious toleration

Detail history of France Independence day

16341648  The french Ministers Richeleiu and Mazarin intervened in the Thirty Year's War to secure Alsace and make France a leading power in the world.

17011714  War of the Spanish Succession

17561758  War of Austrian Succession

17561763  Seven Year's War.

178999  The French Revolution started with the storming of the Bastille, celebrated on par with the independence Day of other nations. This revolution abolished monarchy but was unable to establish democracy.


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