National Symbols of France


The two major national symbols of France are the bust of Marianne and the Gallic Rooster.

Marianne It is an icon of freedom and liberty and is a persona of Goddess of Liberty. This figurine is displayed at various important avenues in France, especially at the town halls and courts. The Marianne bust is also endorsed as an official government logo and finds a prominent place on national coins, stamps and official stamps.

Gallic Rooster -Apart from this the Gallic Rooster, finds a unique position as a national symbol of France. The Gallic rooster symbolises vigilance, due to their natural tendency to crow in the morning. This symbol gained importance during the French Revolution. The Gallic Rooster is also known as Chanteclair and is endorsed by the national football and rugby teams. It has also appeared on postage stamps and on some coins.



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