Cities of Ghana

Ghana or officially the Republic of Ghana is a country in Africa, bordering Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. Ghana with a total area of 238,534 sq km is the friendliest country in West Africa and all the cities of Ghana makes one feel very welcome through their hospitality.

Besides, the cities of Ghana offers one numerous attractive places to visit with its beautiful lakes, hills and forests.

The following are some major cities of Ghana:

  • Accra
  • Kumasi
  • Obuasi
  • Tamale
  • Tema

Accra: The capital city of the Ghana, Accra covers a total area of 1,970,400 sq km. one of the most popular cities of Ghana, it's also Ghana's largest city and its administrative, communications, and economic center. Accra is located at 5°30 North, 0°10 West and is close to the Greenwich Meridian in the Accra Metropolitan Area, in the Greater Accra Region. Financial and government services, transportation, communications, construction and agriculture, particularly fishing are the main economic activities of Accra.
Kumasi: Also known as "The Garden City", it's the capital city of the Ashanti region of Ghana and the second-largest city in the country. Located in the south-central part of the country, about 250 km northwest of Accra, Kumasi is home to the largest natural lake in Ghana, the Lake Bosumtwi. With a population of 1,517,000, this Ghanaian city has the largest ethnic group is the Ashanti.

Obuasi: With a population of 115,564, Obuasi is a city in southern Ghana, lying south of Kumasi. One of the major Ghanaian cities, it is known for its gold mine, now one of the 10th largest in the world. It was operated by the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, until the company's merger with the South African company AngloGold. Gold have been mined in this city since at least the last 17th century.

Tamale: This Ghanaian city is the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana and has a population of 305,000. Located in the northern part of the country, with flat savanna, consisting of grasslands with drought-resistant trees, it's one of the important cities of Ghana with a conglomeration of villages, with many people living in traditional mud brick houses. Tamale is also the capital of the local government unit of Tamale Municipality.

Tema: One of the well-known cities of Ghana it has population of 209,000, located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, east of the capital city of Accra, in the region of Greater Accra. Originally a fishing village, it grew to become the nation's largest sea port after the construction of a large harbour in 1961. Tema is also home to an oil refinery and its centre of manufacturing and is gradually being referred to as an industrial city.


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