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Indian Republic Day

Independence Day Cards
Independence Day Cards Independence Day Cards Independence Day CardsIndependence Day Cards
Indian history marks Republic Day, 26 January 1950 as one of the most important day because on this day the Indian Constitution came into force making India a sovereign country. It was a day of great value to all the citizens of India and all the great freedom fighters as well. 26 January is a national holiday that has itís own importance for every citizen of India.

26 January is celebrated in New Delhi every year and the Republic Day parade is the most important feature of this Day. People come from distant places to view the celebrations of Republic Day and salute the culture of their nation. President of India takes the salute and makes this event all the more patriotic.
Every state participates in the Republic Day parade to showcase itís culture and make the viewers realize the richness of Indian society.
Rehearsals are carried out several times before the Republic Day. Live telecast is also broadcasted on 26 January for the viewers sitting across the different areas of the nation. The celebrations of Republic Day come to an end when the jet planes of Indian Air Force leave a tri colored smoke.

So pay a tribute to your nation on this Republic Day and feel proud to be an Indian!

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