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National Anthem of Indonesia

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"Indonesia Raya" or the "Great Indonesia" in English is the national anthem of Indonesia. Adopted on 1945 the national anthem of Indonesia was written and the music was given by Wage Rudolf Soepratman.


The Indonesian national anthem was introduced by its composer at 28th October, 1928 in a national youth convention in Batavia, now Jakarta. The colonial policy of the day was 'Divide and Rule' which deliberately aggravated language, ethnic, cultural and religious differences amongst the people. Indonesia's national anthem was first sung as a Nationalist Party song in 1928 and soon became popular as it was echoed at Indonesian political rallies, where people stood in solemn observance. The Indonesian anthem aroused national consciousness among the people throughout the archipelago.


The national anthem of Indonesia marked the birth of the all- archipelago nationalist movement in Indonesia. It stressed on the idea of one single "Indonesia" as successor to the Dutch East Indies, then split into several colonies. It was the Chinese Indonesian weekly 'Sin Po' that took the daring step and published the Indonesian national anthem for the first time. It was a daring act of defiance towards the Dutch authorities which the people of the Chinese Indonesian community still take pride in.

Finally on the Independence Day of Indonesia on 17th August 1945 the national anthem was formally adopted. The national anthem of Indonesia is given below:

"Great Indonesia"

Indonesia my native land, the land where I shed my blood.
There I stand, being a soldier of my mother.
Indonesia my nationality, my nation and my country.
Let us exclaim "United Indonesia!"
Live my land, live my state,
My nation, my people, all.
Build its spirit, build its bodies
For Great Indonesia!


Great Indonesia, independent and free,
My land, my country, which I love.
Great Indonesia, independent and free,
Live Great Indonesia!

Indonesia, an eminent country, our wealthy country.
There we shall be forever.
Indonesia, the country of our ancestors, a relic of all of us.
Let us pray for Indonesia's prosperity.
May her soil be fertile and spirited her soul,
The nation and all the people.
Conscious be her heart and her mind
For Indonesia the Great!


Indonesia, a sacred country, our victorious country.
There we stand, guarding our true Mother.
Indonesia, a beaming country, a country we love with all our heart.
Let's make a vow, "Indonesia be there forever!"
Blessed be her people and her sons,
All her islands, and her seas.
Fast be the country's progress and the progress of her youth
For Indonesia the Great!.

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