Cities of Iran

Due to the Islamic conservatism and anti-western sentiments, visitors to Iran is quite limited. Nevertheless most Iranians are extremely courteous and hospitable, in spite of international disputes. For adventurous travelers ready to take risks, the cities of Iran can be an amazingly rewarding destination. Iran offers a whole range of great experiences.

In the various cities of Iran, there are several ancient ruins, beautiful gardens, impressive mosques, along with grand tea houses, restaurants and hotels. The leading cities of Iran are-

  • Tehran
  • Mashhad
  • Shiraz

Tehran is the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also one of the world's largest metropolitans. The city is located on the mountain slopes at the foot of the Mount Damavand, the highest peak in the country. With a population of almost 14 million people, Tehran is the most populous city of Iran. It is also the country's economic center and the industrial hub of Iran.

Tehran enjoys a pleasant climate which is dry and cool during the nights. The beauty of the city lies in its proximity to the mountains, its parks and gardens with flowers blossoming all through the year. The city avenues and streets are lined with alleys of trees where you can take a nice pleasurable walk. One of the frequently visited places in the city is Golestan (Rose Garden) Palace. Tehran makes for a great tourist attraction and is one of the major cities of Iran.

Located 850 kilometers North East of Tehran, Mashhad, is the holiest city of Iran and is the capital of Razavi Khorasan province. With a population over 2 million, Mashhad is a tourist city with plenty of hotels and several guest houses for the pilgrims who visit this holy city from different parts of the country everyday.

The climate in Mashhad ranges from extremely cold winters, pleasant springs to usually mild summers and beautiful autumns. The city with is rich collection of museums and libraries makes for a great tourist attraction.

OLocated 919 Km south of Tehran, Shiraz is often considered one of the most beautiful cities of Iran and also one of the world's most attractive historical cities. The city is also the hometown of renowned Persian poets like Hafez and Saadi and there are two incredible monuments dedicated to them.

The main attractions of Shiraz include numerous mosques, domes, and cupolas and it is one of the important historical cities of Iran.

The other leading cities of Iran are Gorgan, Hamadan, Isfahan, Hormuz, Masouleh, Qom, Tabriz, and Rasht among many others.


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