National Flag of Iran

Iran Flag

History of the Iran Flag
The present National flag of Iran was designed and adopted subsequent to the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The basic colors of the National flag were in use during the period of the Shahs. But at that time the emblem featured an image of a lion with a sword, which is a traditional symbol of Persia. The lion image was replaced by a symbol depicting a stylized form of the word Allah Islamic following the Islamic Revolution of July 29, 1980. The National flag of Iran is a leading national symbol and is flown with pride and honor on significant national occasions.

Flag Description and Meaning
The design of the National flag of Iran consists of three identical horizontal bands of green on top, white in between, and red below. The National emblem which represents the name of Allah is placed on the center of the white band. The words "Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) is printed in white Arabic script and is repeated 22 times on the center border of the green and red band. The length of the flag is precisely twice the overall width with a ratio of 4:7.

The three colors of the National flag of Iran have symbolic connotations. The green stripe stand for growth and prosperity, white stands for peace and red is the color of the blood shed by the martyrs for the country's freedom.

The National emblem on the flag center comprises of four crescents and a sword. The four crescents of the emblem form the word Allah (God) and the five parts of the emblem represent the five pillars of Islam. On top of the sword, which symbolizes a strong and powerful sovereign state, is a tashdid. The tashdid is used in Arabic writing to double a letter and in this context it means to double the strength of the sword. The tulip shape of the emblem was chosen in remembrance of the young martyrs of Iran.

Flag Etiquette
Being an important National symbol, Iran follows certain rules and etiquettes with regard to flying the National Flag. Here are some of the flag etiquettes of Iran.

  • The Iranian National flag must never be flown over another national flag on the same staff, as that would imply superiority, or inferiority of one flag, or nation, over another.
  • The order of precedence for flying the various flags of Iran are- first- National flag of Iran, followed by State flag of Iran, Military flag, and lastly any other flags.
  • It must be ensured that the National flag of Iran is always flown the right way up
  • The National Flag of Iran, under such condition that it is no longer remains a fitting emblem of display, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, with all due care and respect
  • The National flag of Iran must not be disfigured with any kind of insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing
  • There should be no disrespect of any form shown to the National Flag of Iran.


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