National Heroes of Iran

The National heroes of Iran are legendary personalities who have contributed to the country's progress through their many achievements and efforts. They have become role models for the people of the country over several generations. Here are the profiles of some of the National heroes of Iran.

•   Mohammad Mosaddegh

•   Ferdowsi

•   Nader Shah

Mohammad Mosaddegh
Mohammad Mosaddegh was born on 19 May, 1882 into a family of Iran's ruling elite. He was an eminent political leader and prime minister of Iran from 1951to 1953. Having held various government posts, he retired to private life in protest against the assumed dictatorial powers of the Shah in the year 1925.

In 1944, he returned to political life as a member of parliament and without delay, established himself as an opponent of foreign intrusion in Iran. He nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and successfully overcame the Soviet attempts to exploit the oil fields of N Iran. This further led to his popularity and consequently the shah was compelled to appoint him prime minister after the parliament passed his oil nationalization act in 1951.

Today Mohammad Mosaddegh is considered a national hero of Iran by many for his efforts in nationalizing the country's oil industry.

Ferdowsi was born in the year 935 into an affluent family in the Iranian province of Khorasan, in a village near Tus (Baj). Among the literary geniuses and National heroes of Iran, Ferdowsi holds a special place. He is possibly the most respected Persian poet who's "The Shahnameh" or "The Epic of Kings" is definitely one of the classics of the world. Ferdowsi had dedicated more than thirty years for the completion of his masterpiece which was initially composed for presentation before the Samanid princes of Khorasan. Till date Ferdowsi remains one of the undisputed geniuses of Persian literature.

Nader Shah
Born in Kobhan, Nader Shah was the founder of the Afsharid dynasty and ruled as Shah of Iran from 1736 to 1747. Owing to his military genius, he was often referred to as the Napoleon of Persia by some historians. A vast Iranian Empire was built by him, which included Iran, northern India, and parts of Central Asia. His several victories made him Middle East's most powerful ruler for a brief period. His empire fell apart subsequent to his assassination in the year 1747.

Nader Shah was perhaps the last great military conqueror of Asia and is believed to be the most talented military commander of Iran. He is also credited for the restoration of power in Iran.


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