Geography of Jamaica


Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea from all sides, geometrically, the length of the island Jamaica is two hundred thirty five kilometers. Its varying width measures 82 kilometers in the middle and decreases to 35 kilometers in the narrowing edges. This forms an approximate area of 10, 900 kilometer square, awarding it the title of Commonwealth Caribbean’s largest island and giving it the third position after Cuba and Hispaniola in the list of the largest islands of the Greater Antilles. On the extreme boundary, the island is dotted with Negril and Rocky Point, just on the tip of the narrowing area and Discovery Bay and Alligator Pond on the extreme points of the central area.

Geographical Divisions
Jamaica is topographically divided into three main regions consisting of the eastern mountains, the central plateau and valleys and the coastal plains.

The Area of the Eastern Mountains
The Eastern Mountains are made up of primarily metamorphic rocks that extend to southeast. The highest peak of this area is that of the Blue Mountains having an height of 2,256 meters. The Blue Mountains start rising from the central plains and extend to about sixteen kilometers, resulting in the formation of the gradients that are steepest in the world.

The Central Limestone Plateau
Situated in the north of the Blue Mountains, the central plateau rises to the height of about thousand meters with John Crow Mountains and consists of Harbour Mountains and Manchester Plateau mainly in the central region. About two third of the country area has the limestone plateau forming its cover, resulting in a great number of Karst formations.

The Coastal Plains
The coastal plains of Jamaica seem almost drenched with the water from the large water bodies. One can find white sandy beaches along the northern part of the coastline, offering the calm and serene environment. The southern strip mainly comprises of the black limestone beaches, which extend towards the sea to be submerged into the seawater. The coastal plains are primarily covered by the murky and swamp land of the Upper Morass and the Great Morass. The most compelling beaches of the coastal region can be spotted on the western coastline that further extends to Negril.


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