Historical Places of Jamaica


The historical places of Jamaica can be any traveler's dream as they give you an overview of the historical happenings of the country, its historical monuments and structures telling a story of their own. With its famous landmarks and popular historical places, Jamaica has lots to offer to its tourists.

The most important historical places of Jamaica are:

•  Bob Marley Museum

•  Rose Hall Great House

•  Columbus Park

•  Firefly

The Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica is dedicated to the reggae musician Bob Marley or Robert Nesta Marley. Located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6 it's the former place of residence of Marley. Also home to the Tuff Gong record label which was founded by The Wailers in 1970, it's one of the famous Jamaica's historical places of visits especially by thousands of Bob Marley fans. It was also the site of a failed assassination attempt on Bob Marley in the year 1976.

Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay is the most famous in the Saint James Parish, and probably in the whole island. It was built by John Palmer in 1770 on a hill, two miles east of Ironshore. Named after his wife Rose, the house attracts over 100,000 visitors per year. More so by the legend of ‘The White Witch Of Rose Hall', where Annie the wife of John Rose Palmer is said to have murdered all three of her husbands, before being strangled by her slaves who all also destroyed the house. After nearly a century in 1966, John Rollins, a wealthy American bought the property and restored the house to its former grandeur. The story goes that her ghosts still haunts the property.

The Columbus Park in Discovery Bay marks the spot where Columbus is said to have put his foot when he first came to Jamaica. Decorated with cannons and maritime artifacts this small park is a heavy tourist's gatherer from all places interested in the history of Jamaica.

Firefly in Ocho Rios is the historic home of play writer Noel Coward. Named after the luminous insect, the firefly seen in the warm evening, one must not miss visiting this place on his trip to Jamaica. The house has certainly hosted its share of several political leaders and also people from the entertainment world. Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Laurence Olivier, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Alec Guinness, Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton have all been to this house. Tour to this place includes a look at the home, the various photos of the celebrities and also the grounds where Coward is now buried.


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