National Flag of Jamaica


Jamaica's National flag came into existence on 6th August 1962-the day Jamaica became an independent country. The bipartisan committee recommended the pattern, which is apparent on the structure of the flag. The main colors consisting golden, green and black dominate the characteristic design of the flag by filling the rectangular basement of the flag. The rectangle gets partitioned into four triangular areas that become visible by the crossing diagonals filled with the gold color.


Symbolic Significance of the Flag

The whole structure of the flag symbolizes several achievements that the country has successfully made since the time it became independent. James Dingan made a popular exclamation in the year 1995, "Burdens and hardships there may be, but we have hope and the sun still shines.” His famous words clearly explain the significance of the flag and the symbolic notion behind the structural design of the flag. It talks about the way the people of Jamaica look forward towards the bright future prospects after so many perils tolerated by them. The green color signifies the opulence of the nation and is also the embodiment of the hope of the people of Jamaica. For them the ‘sun shines' because of the independence they have achieved. And now there is no one to regulate them. Thus, we can say that the National Flag of Jamaica represents the independent notion of the whole nation.

Respect for the Flag

The government of Jamaica has imposed important regulations that promote respect for the flag on the part of the people of Jamaica. According to the regulations no one should disgrace the flag by letting it fall on the ground and care should be taken in handling it. Consideration should be given to its size and structural aspects that define the original characteristics of the National Flag. Therefore not even an attempt to modify the size, color and design of the flag is acceptable. The government expects utmost care and reverence for the flag from the entire nation. The government doesn't permit the hoisting of any other country's flags if the national flag of Jamaica is not present in the group. Moreover, the flag must be revered as an emblem of independence of Jamaica whenever the country celebrates its significant national days.


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