Places of Jamaica


The largest Caribbean island, Jamaica, has earned its place as one of the most sophisticated and exotic islands of the Caribbean. The crystal blue waters and white sand makes a visit to the Jamaican beach a delightful experience. The places to visit in Jamaica are mostly its natural splendor besides some historical structures.


    •Blue Mountains
    •Mavis Bank
    •Bob Marley Museum

Montego Bay

    •Lester Art Gallery
    •Aquasol Theme Park
    •Montego Bay Underseas Tours


Blue Mountains in the eastern end of the island of Jamaica cover a total area of 495.2 sq km. Famous for the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park known for its high biological diversity, this place is on everybody's wish list while exploring Jamaica. There's also a historic fort, Newcastle, which in the past has housed many famous British regiments. The Blue Mountains are also famous for its well-known Jamaican coffee.

Mavis Bank is the coffee farm high up in the Blue Mountains. Tourists are invited to have a look on how the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee is grown and processed. The spectacular drive up to the mountain coupled with a tour of the factory is always very interesting.

Bob Marley Museum located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6, is dedicated to the world famous reggae musician Bob Marley. The musician is the former place of residence of Marley which has now been converted into a museum pulling thousands of fans daily.

Montego Bay

Lester Art Gallery is devoted to the works of Polish sea captain and painter the late Michael Leszczynski. The gallery was his former home and studio. Built in the 1950s, it has a stunning view.

Aquasol Theme Park situated on the dazzling white sand of Walter Fletcher beach, the park offers entertainment in the form of bumper carts and water sports such as kayaking, banana boating, parasailing and glass bottom boating in addition to beach volleyball, trampolines, wave runners and two professional tennis courts.

In the Montego Bay Underseas Tours the underwater Coral Reefs is a scene to watch. A boat with an air-conditioned underwater viewing compartment which looks like a submarine takes tourists six feet under the surface. One can sit in comfort and watch the wonders of the Montego Bay Marine Park with different colorful corals and hundreds of different fish, turtles, and sting rays all displayed for one's enjoyment.

The other places to visit in Jamaica are mainly for food lovers, as Jamaica provides delightful restaurants and road side dinners to all its tourists providing a selection of Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine with rich Asian flavour.


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