Kenya Independence Day

National Flag of Kenya

The East African Nation, the Republic of Kenya, celebrates Independence Day on the 12th of December every year to commemorate the day of independence from Great Britain in 1963, and the inclusion into the Commonwealth as a republic in 1964. Independence Day in Kenya is known as Jamhuri, meaning a republic in the Swahili language.


  • Kenya became a British colony in the year 1920.
  • Over the years the dissent found its roots at the non inclusion of the Kenyans in the political process till 1944.
  • Disputes over land and cultural traditions continued to exist even after the Kenyans obtained a chance to play a role in the political process.
  • The movement against colonial rule began with the Mau Mau uprisings began in 1950s.
  • This uprising resulted in the Kenyans gaining social and economic concessions.
  • By 1960s the African political participation also raised by leaps and bounds.
  • Kenya finally gained independence from the British rule on 12th December, 1963.


The Jamhuri is indeed a very important day for the Kenyans with double historical significance. Thus every Kenyan celebrates the day with great fervour and enthusiasm.

  • The day begins with a speech from the president at the Nyayo Stadium of Nairobi.
  • The defence forces and all the government dignitaries attend the event.
  • The colourful Kenyan flag featuring the colours black, red, and green, adorns all the buildings like private dwellings and office buildings.
  • Cultural festivals showcasing the rich traditional heritage of Kenya are held in different parts of the country.
  • The Kenyans wear the traditional attires known as Kitenges and Kikoys on this day.
  • The gastronomic delights of Kenya including porridge made of maize, Ugali, and mashed vegetables made into balls and soaked into meat stews are the feasts of the day.
  • The entire nation joins in to celebrate the occasion as one.


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