Arts and Culture of Kenya

Kenya is a nation with a diverse mix of traditions and cultures. The art and culture of Kenya is extremely unique and is represented through its people, traditions, customs, traditions, society, music and dance. Kenya's main cultures are the Swahili Culture which is also the oldest and the Maasai culture. The art and culture of Kenya gives the nation a distinct identity in the world.

Kenyan Art

The themes in Kenyan art represent the daily life and culture of the people of Africa which is greatly reflected through their handicrafts, jewellery, clothes, sculptures, and paintings. In handicrafts particularly, Kenya is known for its traditional, tribal masks, mats, baskets and other products. The art and craft of Kenya has a lucrative tourist market.

Kenya also specializes in performing arts such as music, theatre, and literature.

Music in Kenya
Music in Kenya covers a wide range of styles of both local and international origin which includes afro-fusion music, Benga music, Kenyan hip-hop and different styles of folk and tribal music. Language plays an important role in defining the music of Kenya. Popular instruments used in Kenyan music are guitars and drums while instruments used for traditional include the African Sistrum Great.

In Kenya's promising recording industry of the 1960's, one of the musical architects was Daudi Kabaka, whose music and lyrics captured the spirit of independent Kenya. One of the pop legends of Kenya was Fadhili William who is famous for his song Malaika (Angel) which was recorded in 1963.

Present day Nairobi's airwaves and club scene is mostly dominated by local artists, though earlier the young crowd in Kenya were loyal fans of American rap and R and B artists.

Literature in Kenya
e experience of colonialism and the fight for independence. Ngugi wa Thiongo was one of the best known authors in Kenya whose work, published in both English and Kikuyu, deals with themes of political social, and personal liberation.

A great deal of literary output was the direct result of the colonial experience in Kenya. JH Patterson's marvelous tale of "The Maneaters of Tsavo" became a huge bestseller which led to a new genre of safari and hunting literature.

The country's reputation as a land for eccentrics and bohemians drew many independent spirits to Kenya, and created a remarkable body of literature.

Cuisine in Kenya
The cuisine in Kenya reflects the cultural diversity of the country and includes traditional African dishes, tribal delicacies, Arabian, and European delicacies. The staple diet of the people of Kenya includes rice, Ugali, bread, chapatti with chicken, mutton, Tilapia and other fish Vegetables.

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