Cities of Kenya

Cities of Kenya are a matter of status and prestige for Kenya packed with wonderful tourists’ destinations. To know about them, go through the list of its major cities below-

Being a member of the list of Africa’s largest cities, addressed by many names describing its contrasting characteristic features, Nairobi is a city quite popular on Africa especially for its pleasant climate, well-made streets and posh suburbs. It is a city that appears bustling with the activity of people, busy in their fast lifestyle. It also is a home to the people belonging to varied ethnic tribes of different races and origins. Moreover, it is the center of attraction of a huge number of refugees that come here for business and other purposes and for the innumerable opportunities that the city offers. The place is a perfect destination for safari lovers. The Snake Park and National Museum that form a part of Kenyatta Avenue is also a popular place to visit for tourists along with the Masai market that draws tourists for its appealing handicrafts.

Kenya’s second largest city, Mombasa is renowned for its exotic beaches that form a favorite spot to buy the exquisite wooden carvings. It is the heart of Mombasa Island with an approximate population of nine lakh inhabitants, according to the 1999 census. The city is rich with captivating Islamic architecture that reflects the values and cultural preferences of the Swahili community, which forms the major part of population of the city. Some of the places in Mombasa that show Muslim architectural designs comprise the sites in the old town and Fort Jesus. Mombasa is also a place loved by tourists.

Being the third largest city situated in western Kenya, also called the port city of Kenya, Kisumu has the most intriguing places to visit that form the major entries in the attractions list of Kisumu. The Kisumu Museum is popular for the stunning variety of poisonous snakes, fishes, crocodiles and some well-carved tools and jewelry items made by the native people. For wildlife lovers, there is Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, where leopards, reptiles and hippos can be easily spotted. Other places are Kibuye Market, Hippo Point and Ndere Island National Park that continue to add to the charm of Kisumu.

Nakuru, a city that has gained the name of being the fourth largest in terms of urbanization and contains approximately three lakh people residing in it, is famous for its tourism and agriculture that form the basis for earning income in the country. Dairy farming and the production of crops like maize, wheat, beans, coffee and barley form a part of economic activity. In the tourism sector, Lake Nakuru National Park, a habitat far many wild animals especially flamingoes and the serene Lake Nakuru, the ancient Hyrax Hill and the rift valley sports club fascinate a number of tourists.

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