Heritage of Kenya

The vast land of Kenya is home to some of the best heritage sites of the world. A few of them are recognized as great landmarks because of their attractive features and cultural importance. the cultural and economic growth of the country. The old town of Lamu is also famous for its scenic sea-ports. The historical value of the heritage site also holds the main key to its growing significance on an international diaspora.

If you want to more about the different aspects of the heritage of Kenya, here's sharing with you some interesting information on this---

1. Old Town, Lamu
Majority of the buildings are built with old coral stones and tropical timbers. This old town is known for its simplicity depicting the aura of the earlier ages. It is famous for hosting major Muslim religious festivals and events since the 19th century and has become a nerve center of various literary and cultural activities. European nations, parts of Arabian Peninsula.

2. Lake Turkana National Park
A visit to Kenya remains incomplete without planning a tour to Turkana, which is in fact a hub of indigenous species of plants and animals. Its diversified bird life sanctuaries, fossils of mammals and presence of waterfall, make it no less than a traveler's paradise.

3. Mount Kenya National Park/Natural Forest
>Regarded as one of the second highest mountain peak of Africa, Mount Kenya serves as national symbol of the country. Geographical evidences suggest that it is an extinct volcano whose duration of activity was said to be 3.1-2.6 million years ago. Because of its scenic glacier valleys, high- heeled slopes and attractive flora and fauna it attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

4. Lake Naivasha
This lake has a great historical importance as it was believed that nearly 6000-13,000 years ago, Lake Naivasha was considered to be major part of a much larger river comprising of Elementaita and Nakuru. Mountain Aberdare serves as the main source of water for the lake and is also regarded as the generator of hydro-electric power, horticulture farming and an important catchment basin.

5. Lake Bogoria National Reserve
The popular Lake Bogoria National Reserve covers an area of 107km2 comprising of dry areas and a catchment basin with a major Waseges river which serves as the major source of cultivation. It is also home to some of the best flamingos along with scenic flora and fauna.

Thus, the heritage of Kenya has certain unique features of its own which make it an enduring splendor.

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