National Flag of Kenya

The national flag of Kenya truly represents the aims and aspirations of the country coupled with the historical events that reshaped the country. On December 12th 1963, the present national flag of Kenya was officially adopted by the government of the country.

Brief History of the National Flag of Kenya
The origin of the national emblem of Kenya can be traced back to the initiative taken by the Kenya African National Union. This particular political party was actively involved in Kenya's struggle for independence and finally achieved freedom for the country.

Features of the National Flag of Kenya
The flag of Kenya has three horizontal stripes - the top one is black; the middle one red; and the bottom stripe is green. A thin white stripe is bordered on the top and bottom of the red. There is a symbolic representation in the center of the flag containing the image of a Masai warrior's shield and spears. The black color in the national flag of Kenya represents the African people; the red symbolizes Kenyan struggle for independence while the green stands for Kenya's natural resources and agriculture. It's important to note that the thin white stripe symbolizes peace and unity. The picture of the Masai warrior's shield and spears shows Kenya's struggle for freedom and their ready state of action to defend that freedom.

Thus, each color and image inscribed on the national flag of Kenya has its own interesting story to tell.

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