National Heroes of Kenya

Kenyan heroes were the dauntless martyrs who did not hesitate to take any step against the colonizers in order to achieve independence for the whole nation. All of them comprise to form the memorable assets of Kenya. Here is describing the way they became ideals for the people of Kenya:

Dedan Kimathi
Dedan Kimathi was the pioneer leader in the Mau Mau Rebellion during the period from 1952 to 1960. This national hero showed sheer bravery in severely opposing the British Colonial government. His leadership qualities inspired the whole Kikuyu tribe who worshipped him like a hero in the freedom struggle of Kenya.

In the year 1951, Kimathi made himself a member of the ‘Forty Group’, which did not deter from adopting the violent means in order to overthrow the cruel British colonizers. After becoming a leader of the KAU, he stepped ahead to achieve national freedom even through violent measures. Year 1956 was the year when he was subjected to the death sentence issued against him by the Sir Kennith O’ Connor, the Chief Justice at that period. This was because the colonizers considered him a terrorist acting against their advantage. Consequently he received a brutal retribution at the prison called Kamiti Maximum Security on 18th February 1957. And the most distressing thing about the trial is that the Kenyan government still has not succeeded in finding his remains.

Now Kimathi is considered to be the protagonist of the freedom movement of Kenya and is regarded as the most memorable national hero. Kenyan people’s appreciation for him can be seen in his statue built in Nairobi. He is and will always be an encouraging factor for the people of Kenya.

Another valiant hero of the freedom struggle of Kenya was Koitalel. He was the leader of the Kenya’s Nandi people and he encouraged them to raise their voice and fight against the tyranny of the British. The brutal manner in which he was killed can easily move anyone to tears. The Kenyan people will always remember his sacrifice.

Other Kenyan heroes that are known for their contribution in the national movement were Harry Thuku, Mekatilili wa Menza, Ezekiel Apindi and Waiyaki wa Hinga. And the government of Kenya believes them to be memorable martyrs who will always influence the Kenyan people through all that they endured during the freedom struggle.

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