National Symbols of Kenya

The varied national symbols of Kenya truly epitomize the aims and aspirations of the people living there. These national emblems occupy a position of pride, for it is no less than a national identity of Kenya and efforts are made to preserve and promote it.

To know more about the national symbols of Kenya, here's sharing with you certain information as---

1. Coat of Arms of Kenya---

Just like other countries, this particular emblem has accuquired greater importance in the recent years and is one of the important national symbols of each country. The coat of arms of Kenya is represented by two lions each one of the two holding Maasai spears, a shield with the picture of a rooster that holds an axe. The shield and lions are made to stand on a hard object resembling the Mount Kenya. The motto of Coat of Arms of Kenya is known as Harambee, a kind of Kenyan traditional community aimed at undertaking many developmental activities. The middle of the shield has the national flag of Kenya imbibed in it along with a bird centered which looks towards the left.

2. National Flag of Kenya---

The Kenyan national flag consists of three colors as black, red and green. Each color has its own significance as black stands for the ethnicity of African people, red signifies the blood shed by the freedom fighters during the struggle for independence and green symbolizes the rich natural resources. On 12th December 1963, this ensign was officially adopted as the national flag of Kenya.

3. National Anthem of Kenya---

One of the most important national symbols of Kenya is its national anthem. The lyrics of this national anthem were written by Thomas Kalume, Graham Hyslop, Peter Kibukosya, Washington Omondi and George W. Senoga-Zake and the music was also composed by them.


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