Places to visit in Kenya

Kenya’s places to visit list is mainly incorporated by a large number of National Parks amassing a wealth of natural wonders, rich wildlife and everything that appeals adventure freaks and those who love to watch nature closely and to be thrilled by absorbing inducements. These parks are not just tourist attractions. Rather, they show how rich and lively is the biodiversity of Kenya. Among all the popular destinations, it is the National Parks that draw people from world over towards their unbelievable charm. Here is a list of some of the most renowned destinations of Kenya-

Aberdares National Park
Situated in Nairobi, Aberdares National Park contains intriguing natural scenery scattered all over its magnificent landscape in the form of sky touching mountains, deep valleys, refreshing waterfalls, along with about 250 species of birds, adding amazing variety and charm to the place. It’s a wonderful place for those who like watching natural scenery.

Masai Mara
Masai Mara has a very captivating landscape covered by Serengeti Plains, which gets beautified by its amazing wildlife, making it distinct in its own way. Among the other National Parks, it is quite famous and unparalled.

Shimba Hills
The natural Reserve in Shimba Hills gives the visitors a wonderful chance to discover a wildlife population in surprising variety. The wildlife comprises of ostriches, monkeys, antelopes, leopards, zebras, elephants and Sable antelope that comes under the list of uncommon species and thus a major attraction.

boseli and Tsavo
Amboseli and Tsavo are well known for their huge herd of elephants posing themselves as united group. Apart from elephants, one can watch the spectacular scenery of cheetahs, hyenas, zebra, caracals, lions, giraffes loitering around freely, making a frequent appearance in front of the visitors.

Marine Park
Another major attraction and the most charming place to visit is Marine Park in Mombasa. To visit the Marine Park of Mombasa is something that certainly should not be missed, as this is the place that makes the whole trip to Kenya complete. Its exotic beaches are packed with alluring cashew and coconut plantations, giving a very innate and rich feel of their existence since long past. Its colorful villages that give it a very raw and rural touch also surround it. Once reaching Shimoni, one can embark on the cruise through the fascinating islands dotting the sea, making a wonderful sight for the gazers and giving them an unforgettable experience.


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