Independence Day of Macedonia

The Independence Day of Macedonia, on 8th September, 1991 when it freed itself from the hands of the Yugoslavia, is a great day to remember by the citizens of the country.

Macedonian Independence Day is also celebrated as the National Day of the country when all the people take pride in themselves and with a positive attitude move forward overcoming all challenges.

On 8th September, 1991 over 95.5% of the citizens voted for independence of the Republic Macedonia. The people's will for an independent state was confirmed with the declaration of the referendum on September 18, 1991 at the Macedonian Parliament. Finally on 25th September, 1991 the declaration was adopted for Independence at the first multi-party Macedonian Parliament. Next the constitution of Macedonia was adopted on 17th November, 1991.

The Macedonian people will celebrate their 15th Independence Day coming September 2008. The first time the people gathered at Macedonia Square was to celebrate the successful referendum at which the Macedonian citizens voted for independent and sovereign state. Since then the place holds quite an important significant for the people. The people with their diverse, dynamic and creative mind celebrate this day with lots of funfair and pleasure.


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