Demography of Macedonia

The demography of Macedonia is approximately 2,070,000 and according to the July 2008 census, it's estimated to be 2,055,915. Macedonia with a total area of 25,333 sq km has a population growth rate of 0.263%.

The process of industrialization and urbanization after the World War II caused the Macedonian population growth to decrease to a certain level, but in the last decade the Macedonian demography has shown a high trend of increase in population. Rates of increase are quite high among rural Muslims like the Turks and Torbesh and more so with the Albanians and Roma. All these resulted in an increase of 25% of the total population growth in Macedonia in the 1990s.

Recent Growth:
The birth rate estimated by July 2008 is 12.02 births per 1,000 populations. The State Bureau of Statistics, Macedonia announced a population of 2,022,547 in the 2002 census. The largest ethnic group in the country is said to be the Macedonians with 1,297,981 inhabitants declaring themselves to be Macedonians, representing 64.18% of the total population. The Albanians represents 25.17% of the population with 509,083 inhabitants. Other lesser ethnic minorities include the:

Turks        3.85%
Roma        2.66%
Serbs        1.78%
Bosniaks   0.84%
Vlachs       0.48%
Other        1.04%

About 19.8% are in the age group of 0-14 years, 69.1% between the age group of 15-64 years and 11.1% are over 65 years, with the number of females slightly less than the males. According to the demography of Macedonia there are about 64.7% who are Macedonian Orthodox, 33.3% who are Muslims, other Christians are 0.37% and others 1.63%.

A state wise census was carried out taking some of the important states in view and it was seen that there were 13.14 births per 1,000 populations. The capital of the Republic of Macedonia is Skopje and it had the highest population growth compared to other towns and cities. The towns with the number of inhabitants in it include:

Skopje-       467,257
Bitola-         86,408
Prilep-         73,351
Kumanovo- 103,205
Tetovo-       70,841
Veles-          57,602
Stip-            47,796
Ohrid-          54,380
Gostivar-     49,545
Kavadarci-   38,391
Strumica-    45,087

These facts about Macedonian demography help the country, specially its government to plan ahead for the future, more so in dealing with the poverty, environmental degradation, and unsustainable level of consumption, production crime and violence.


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