Historical Places of Macedonia

An insight into the cities past, its culture and the lifestyle of the people can be got from the historical places of Macedonia. There are lots of historical places of Macedonia with its famous landmarks in and round the city open to tourists all the year round.

The most important historical places of Macedonia are:
•Meckin Kamen
•Marko's Fortress
•Kale Fortress

Skupi, located in the northern part of Skopje, near the village of Bardovci and Zlokukani, is an old and ancient settlement. The town was quite well-known until it was destroyed by a powerful earthquake. One of Macedonia's historical places its now being excavated and its numerous archaeological findings are kept in the Archaeological Museum in Skopje. Till now the Skupi theatre, galleries, the auditorium, orchestra and the stage have been found.

Heraklea, two km from today's Bitola, was the capital of the Linkestisa and built during the ancient times. Thought to be found by Philip II, the archaeological excavations of this popular historical places of Macedonia started in 1938 when significant objects were found, giving important historical information. Many basilicas with preserved mosaics are kept in the British Museum in London.

Stobi is one of the most sort after historical places of Macedonia. This ancient town was destroyed in 518 A.D by a massive earthquake and was still succeed in preserving itself quite well. Important archaeological findings have come up from its excavation in recent years. The most attractive and eye-catching findings for the tourists include the Bishop's church the Partenius palace, the Peristerij palace, Poliharmos and Amphitheatre.

Meckin Kamen, a popular hill with a legend, is located not faraway from the city of the first Republic on the Balkan, Krusevo. The hill is said to get its name from the rock that was rolled by a bear to kill many brothers. The people name the rock as the Bear's Rock or Meckin Kamen. The same rock was also the battle ground for a duke named Pitu Guli, who fought heroically to protect the nest of the Krusevo Republic. A monument of him is now placed on Meckin Kamen where he was killed.

Marko's Fortress is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Macedonia and one must surely stop by on his trip to Macedonia. The fortress is near the city of Prilep, but no one knows exactly when it was built. One of the largest fortress in the Balkans it's built of mortar-bound undressed stone. The castle had several towers and was surrounded by five circles of wall.

Kale Fortress dominating the whole portion of the Vardar valley, is situated on a hill in the middle of Skopje. Archaeological excavations have discovered traces of habitation from the late neolithic and early bronze ages. After the military withdrew at the end of the last war, it was converted into a large park dedicated to the Revolution.


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