National Flag of Macedonia

The national flag of Macedonia is one of the world's newest flags adopted on 5th October, 1995. In the course of its history there had been many changes made to the national flag of Macedonia, finally coming to the current design by Pr. Miroslav Grcev and sticking to it.


National Flag of the Republic of Macedonia consists of a centered rising golden yellow sun with eight extending rays thickening towards the end atop a red background. The golden yellow and the red are the characteristics color if the Macedonian state.

The color Red has always been a noteworthy color throughout the history of Macedonian national flags. The sun represents 'the new sun of liberty' of the people of the country, mentioned in the national anthem of Macedonia. This current Macedonian flag is a much more simplified version of the previous few.

Previously a red flag with a yellow outlined star in upper hoist left corner was used, which was adopted on 31st December 1946. This national flag of Macedonia was in use when the country was a part of Yugoslavia. Later when Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia on 8th September, 1991, the earlier Macedonia's national flag was replaced with the 16 pointed Vergina sun flag. But before long there came protests from neighboring Greece regarding the origin of the Vergina Sun as its symbol. The Greece considered the Vergina Sun as the sun of Alexander. Thus the Macedonia flag was replaced in 1995 by the present national flag of Macedonia which the Macedonian Parliament approved and here the stylized eight-ray sun is referred as the "Macedonian Sun".

The use of Macedonia's national flag is restricted to the land as the civil, state and war flag. No other foreign flag is allowed to be flown with the Macedonian Flag except on certain public and religious holidays when they may be flown along with the Macedonian national flag.


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