National Heroes of Macedonia

The national heroes of Macedonia made the nation proud and the people acknowledge them as an important part of the history and culture of the country. These national heroes of Macedonia dared to challenge the then power standing up for the people of the country. Besides the Macedonians have always appreciated the merits of the heroes, remembering them and respecting them for what they did for the country.

Some of the important national heroes of Macedonia are:

  • Grigor Prlichev
  • Krste Petkov Misirkov
  • Goce Delcev

Grigor Prlichev born in Ohrid in 1830 is one of the famous writers from the 19th century. Grigor first studied in a Greek School in Ohrid, and then he studied medicine in Athens. In 1860 he participated at a literary competition for the best poem in the Greek language and ultimately becoming the winner. He took the highest award, 'The Lovorov Wreath', for his poem "Serdarot". Later he still continued to work as a teacher in Ohrid, Bitols and in the Soluns grammar school. Besides his famous poem he also wrote 'The Autobiography' and 'Skenderbeg' as well. This Macedonian national hero died in Ohrid in 1893.

Krste Petkov Misirkov a very famous national hero of Macedonia and also in the Macedonian history was born in 18th November, 1874. A philologist and publicist, his life was full with many sufferings and miseries. This Macedonian national hero was modest, quiet, peaceable, moralist and religious in nature. His ethnic self-identity and views were a matter of clash between Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. One of the first fighters for the Macedonian nation, he was also a collector of the national Macedonian songs, translator and the author of the most important book "Z a makedonckite raboti".

Goce Delcev born in Kukus in a family with many children, he is one of the most popular national heroes of Macedonia. Delcev's father was a tradesman and an innkeeper. In the summer of 1891 he registered in the military school in Sofia. He was honest, stable, open, radical, firm and had a visionary in spirit. Goce Delcev got involved in the movement TMORO. One of the well-known national heroes of Macedonia, he supported publishing of the Macedonian newspaper "Delo". Killed at 4th May, 1903, Goce Delcev gave his life for the freedom of the country. Out of his 31 years of life, for 10 years he was part of the Macedonian national fight.


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