Places to Visit of Macedonia

Macedonia with its mountain ranges and beautiful lakes offers lots of places to visit for its tourists. A country rich in history and tradition coupled with its scenic beauty have loads of places to visit in Macedonia. A famous tourist's destination, the places to visit in Macedonia can keep one glued to the place for a long time.

•Lake Ohrid
•The Monument on Meckin Kamen
•Pelister National Parks
•Treskavec Monastery and Church
•Marko's Fortress

Lake Ohrid in the city of Ohrid is one of the three lakes that straddle the mountainous border between the southwestern region of Macedonia and eastern Albania. One of the oldest lakes in Europe, it preserves a unique aquatic ecosystem with more than 200 endemic species that is of worldwide importance. One of the interesting places to visit in Macedonia tourists can even enjoy boat ride in the lake.

The Monument on Meckin Kamen is one of the popular places to visit in Macedonia. Meckin Kamen also referred to as the Bear's Rock, more so because of the famous legend attached to the hill is a sort after tourist's destination. The monument of Pitu Guli, a duke who fought heroically to protect the nest of the Krusevo Republic is placed at the spot where he is said to have been killed.

Pelister National Parks is the oldest and the second largest national park in the Republic of Macedonia. This national park is filled with exquisite flora and fauna, especially the five-needle pine molica, a unique species of tree found only in the mountains of the Balkan Peninsula. The beauty of the landscape enhanced by the diversified wildlife makes it one of the leading tourist areas in the country. One can even enjoy skiing as it has a ski resort at the top of the mountain besides a mini-golf, volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis and soccer court.

Treskavec Monastery and Church was founded in the 12th century sits atop a remote mountain in Macedonia. A highly significant body of Byzantine paintings, including the first-known representation of the Heavenly Court is preserved by the church. Besides it also has a unique, high-quality image of the Heavenly Jerusalem for tourists to admire in awe. Large numbers of people from all parts of the world flock out here to visit the church and its paintings on their trip to Macedonia.

Marko's Fortress near the city of Prilep should not be missed by tourists exploring Macedonia. Though no one knows exactly when the citadel was built, its one of the best preserved medieval castles in Macedonia. This archeological site is one of the popular paces to visit in Macedonia where one can get a preview of the cities history.


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