Cities of Malaysia

Malaysia has two geographical regions divided by the South China Sea , the Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo or East Malaysia. All the cities of Malaysia fall under these two regions stretching from 2?30 N and 112?30 E.

The following is a list of the major cities in Malaysia:

•  George Town

•  Kuala Lumpur

•  Ipoh

•  Kuching

•  Johor Bahru

•  Kota Kinabalu

•  Shah Alam

•  Malacca Town

•  Alor Star

•  Miri

•  Petaling Jaya

George Town:

Named after Britain's King George III , George Town is the capital city of the state of Penang in Malaysia. Located on the north-east corner of Penang Island, it has about 2 lakh 20 thousand inhabitants, or about 4 lakh people including the suburbs. This city of Malaysia is also known as 'Tanjung' in Malay. This major Malaysian city was founded by Captain Francis Light , a trader for the British East India Company in 1786.

Kuala Lumpur:

The capital and the largest city, its one of the three Malaysian Federal Territories. Commonly referred to as KL, it's an enclave within the state of Selangor, on the central west coast of Peninsular Malaysia . Kuala Lumpur is also the country's legislative capital with the Malaysian Parliament operating in the city. Located inland at the meeting of the Klang and the Gombak River, it's surrounded by forests and hills and is the only city in the world to have a million-year-old primary forest within the heart of the city.


The capital of the state of Perak between 4?60°N and 101?07°E, Ipoh is approximately 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Highway . Though previously referred to as the Old Town and New Town divided by the Kinta River in the center, today it falls under the territory of administration of Ipoh City Council or Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh, which absorbs the smaller towns adjacent to the city including Chemor, Jelapang, Tanjong Rambutan, Falim and Menglembu.


The capital of the East Malaysian State of Sarawak , the longitude and latitude of Kuching is 1'33° N, 110'25° E . It's the most populous city in the state of Sarawak and the fourth largest city in Malaysia covering an area of 1,863 sq km . Situated at the banks of the Sarawak River on the North-Western part of the island of Borneo, it's one of three districts within Kuching Division. Kuching was granted city status on 1st August, 1988.

Johor Bahru:

Also called JB , Johor Bahru is the capital of Johor in southern Malaysia and also one of the largest cities in Malaysia. It's one of South-east Asia's most populous urban areas with a population of about 876,000 in the city, 1.73 million in the metropolitan area and 5.33 million in the Singapore-Johor Bahru metropolis. The city is an important industrial, tourism and commercial hub for southern Malaysia and enjoys the unique distinction of being the southernmost city of the Eurasian mainland.

Kota Kinabalu:

Formerly known as Jesselton , Kota Kinabalu the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah , as well as the capital of the West Coast Division of Sabah . Simply known as K.K., it's located on the north-west coast of the island of Borneo facing South China Sea and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park on one side and with Mount Kinabalu in the milieu, Kota Kinabalu is spread along several kilometers along the coast as well as towards inland. One of the major industrial and commercial centers in East Malaysia besides Kuching in Sarawak, it's the largest urban center in Sabah and the sixth largest in Malaysia.

Shah Alam:

About 25 km west of the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur and the biggest city in Malaysia, Shah Alam was the first planned city after independence in 1957 . Due to Kuala Lumpur's incorporation into a Federal Territory, it replaced Kuala Lumpur as the capital city of the state of Selangor in 1978. The city was approved as a city on 10 October 2000 with Dato' Haji Abu Sujak Haji Mahmud as the first mayor.

Malacca Town:

The capital of the Malaysian state of Malacca, Malacca Town was granted its status of a city on 15 April 2003 . Referred to as the Seri Negeri , the State Administrative and Development Centre, it houses the Chief Minister's Office, the State Secretary's Office and the Legislative Assembly Hall.

Alor Star:

With a colorful past that spanned more than 250 years Alor Star was formerly known as Alor Setar . Located 93 kilometers north of Butterworth, Penang and 45 km south of the Thai-Malaysia border, with the latitude of 6?7 N and longitude of 100?22 E it's one of the region's oldest cities, it has an urban population of approximately 400,000. It serves as the state capital of Kedah, Malaysia , and Kota Setar District's Administrative Centre and was granted city status on 21 December 2003.


A city in northern Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, Miri has a population of 300,000 people and is the second largest city in Sarawak. With an area of 4,707.1 sq km , it serves as the government administrative centre of Miri District . It's the 9th city in Malaysia and was elevated to city status on May 20, 2005.

Petaling Jaya:

Located in the Petaling district of Selangor with an area of approximately 97.2 sq km , Petaling Jaya is the largest city of the state of Selangor. It was developed as a satellite city of Kuala Lumpur and on 20 June 2006 , Petaling Jaya was granted city status.


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