National Symbols of Malaysia

A country is represented by its national symbol which may be in the form of an emblem, a flag, coat of arms, anthem or any other patriotic materials such as the national bird, color, animals, plants, Head of State, Father or Mother of the nation and so on. The national symbols of Malaysia intend to unite people by forming visual, verbal, or iconic representations of the national people, there values, goals, and history. On the other hand an official national symbol needs the proper recognition of the law of the land, which guarantees the use of the particular symbols.

The following are the national symbols of Malaysia:

The Malaysian Flag: Also named "Jalur Gemilang" with effect from August 31 1997 , it consists of 14 red and white stripes of equal width, a union of carton of dark blue, a crescent and a star. One of Malaysian national symbol, Islam is symbolized by the crescent and the star with its 14 points symbolizes the unity of the 13 states of the Federation with the Federal government.

National Anthem: Adopted on September 16, 1963 and selected by a special committee headed by Malaysia's first Prime Minister , the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj , the national anthem is an important national symbol of Malaysia.

National Emblem (Coat of Arms): The 14-pointed star on the emblem represents the equal status of the 13 Federation members and the Federal government and together with the crescent it's the traditional symbol of Islam. The five dagger-like Keris represent the former Un-federated Malay States while the four former Federated Malay States are represented by the four centre panels. The shield is guarded by two tigers on each side and a banner at the bottom reads "Unity is Strength" (Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu).

National Animal: The tiger has suitably been chosen as the national symbol of Malaysia and included in the national emblem. Known as the Lord of the Jungle, in contrast to the lion's position as the King of Beasts, tigers are not uncommon in the Malaysian jungle.

National Flower: The Hibiscus , locally known the Bunga Raya is one of the Malaysian national symbols. Though the origin of the flower is not known it undoubtedly came via trade from China, Japan and the Pacific islands . Said to have many uses it's even today widely used for medicinal purpose.

The National Mosque: Designed and supervised by the Federal Public Works Department the building occupies an area of 2090 sq m . The mosque includes a hall, a mausoleum, a library, offices, an open courtyard and a minaret and is a Malaysian national symbol.

The National Monument: This Malaysian symbol has been dedicated to those who have died in the cause of peace and freedom for the country. Standing on a commanding site at the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur , the whole area has been reserved for the national monument. The monument has five principal features; the National Monument itself, a long reflecting pool with fountain, a crescent-shaped pavilion, the cenotaph and the ancillary gardens.

The National Language: "Bahasa Melayu", the national language of Malaysia was established under Article 152 of the Constitution. Used for official purposes includes the federal and state governments, and as defined by the constitutional amendment of 1971 by all authorities and statutory bodies.

The National Car: Though a somewhat unusual symbol, the Proton Saga however has significance for Malaysians which goes beyond the mere production of a passenger car. This Malaysian national symbol symbolizes the determination of the nation as a producer of primary commodities and to emerge as a member of the community of industrialized nations. This project became a reality in September 1985 after its announcement in 1982.


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