Independence Day of New Zealand

The achievement of independence in New Zealand was not a sudden up surge but gradually evolved as a result of many revolutions which voiced the necessity for an independent nation. Like other countries, Independence Day of New Zealand is celebrated with great fervor and zeal by the citizens of the country. Officially, 6th February is observed as the Independence Day through New Zealand and is commemorated as 'Waitangi Day'.

Brief Historical Background of New Zealand's Struggle for Independence

The land of New Zealand was long dominated by different tribes particularly by the Maoris' followed by colonial rule under the British Empire. Varied incidents led to the historic declaration of the 'Independence of New Zealand', a treaty signed by the United Tribes of New Zealand, drafted by James Busby, who was believed to be of British decent on 28th October 1835. In the later years, the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on 6 February 1840 saw the rise of British colonial rule in New Zealand. This particular treaty was actually shrouded by lotof debates and controversary for a considerable period of time. As some sections of the society, pointed out that this treaty did not allow total sovereignty to New Zealand. Further, in 1853 New Zealand became a self-governing colony with an elected legislature of its own followed by the establishment of New Zealand Constitution Act 1852.

The struggle for freedom in New Zealand achieved a new dimension on 26th September 1907 with the grant of 'dominion' status by the government of United Kingdom. In the subsequent years that followed, the country witnessed many political upheavals, until in 1953 when the 'Dominion' status was officially replaced with "Realm of New Zealand". Accordingly, in 1967, the first New Zealand-born Governor-General was appointed, thereby paving the way for establishment of independent governance run by the people of New Zealand.


New Zealand Day Quotes

"I believe we were all glad to leave New Zealand. It is not a pleasant place. Amongst the natives there is absent that charming simplicity.... and the greater part of the English are the very refuse of society."
Charles Darwin
"If it would not look too much like showing off, I would tell the reader where New Zealand is."
Mark Twain
"Terrible tragedy of the south seas. Three million people trapped alive."
Thomas Jefferson Scott



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