Heritage of New Zealand

If you want to unravel the mystic majesties of the vibrant country of New Zealand, you need to know about the past rich heritage of New Zealand. New Zealand's remarkable legacy forms an undeniable feature of the country. The different facets of the culture of New Zealand finds expression in its great architectural land marks, some of them are world famous for their unique appeal.

Here sharing with you information on the most popular heritage sites of New Zealand---

1. Te Wahipounamu

This land is situated in the South Western part of New Zealand widely famous for its icy glaciers, rocky coastline, high end waterfalls and marvelous snow clad mountainous ranges. Some of the major features of Te Wahipounamu lie in the fact that it covers almost 10% of the total landscape of the country. Though in the recent times, various human habitations have taken place in the last few years yet the rich flora and fauna of the region remains intact. Mt. Aspiring National Park in this region is the most popular tourist attraction spot of the region drawing huge nature lovers from across different countries of the world. Others include Fiordland National Park and Westland Tai Poutini National Park. They are widely known for their wildlife features; steeped valleys and ice carved islands that contribute to its growing popularity as a tourist destination and world famous heritage sites.

2. Tongariro National Park

This area covers an area of approximately 795, 98 km and is located towards the south of Auckland and north of Wellington. Tongariro National Park is situated in midst of three volcanoes Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro which makes it vulnerable to sudden natural disasters at times. In spite of all this, the small bordering town lined across this national park widely enhances the visual appeal of this heritage site of New Zealand. A few of the mountain peaks are referred to as 'tapu' as they are regarded as highly sacred place for the natives of the country. Special sporting activities like hiking, skiing and snow boarding form an integral part of this historic place.

3. New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands

The five islands comprising of Campbell Island, Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands and Bounty Islands form the New Zealand Outlying Islands. They invariably form a chain of World Heritage sites located at the southern tip of the country. These few groups of island form an integral part of the heritage of New Zealand with distinct features of their own.

Thus, these beautiful natural sights and sceneries contribute to the growing popularity of the heritage of New Zealand.


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