Historical Places of New Zealand

History cannot be defined only in the pages of a book but finds its expression through architectural landmarks and places of national interest. The popular historical places of New Zealand stand tall with the rich historical vividness of the place. Till today, these historical places of New Zealand are regarded as the prized possession of the country.

To know more about the famous historical places of New Zealand, here's providing you some information on that aspect---

1. Larnach Castle

It is credited as the only historic castle of New Zealand built in 1871 by William Larnach, who was a popular business magnate and politician of that era. Evidences suggest that he built this magnificent castle for his first wife Eliza, whom he greatly adored. An estimated 200 men were involved during the construction of this historic castle with finer craftsmen even imported from England who spent another 12 years in decorating the interior of the castle. This marvelously designed building with its awe inspiring architecture is home to wide collection of antiques procured from different parts of the world, particularly from the varied regions of New Zealand. The castle is now under the ownership of the Barker family and is open for public on specific days of the year.

2. Otago Gold fields

Regarded as one of the oldest gold field mining centers of New Zealand, this place offers a fascinating experience of the bygone era. It also possesses relevant significant details on the phase of industrialization in the country which took place during that time. It's located on the banks of Kawarau Gorge, which is a historic reserve under the control of New Zealand's Department of Conservation. It gives a comprehensive analysis of the working conditions of the past Otago's gold miners. This historic place was discovered around 140 years ago. Though times have changed, yet the romantic adventure of those days can still be recaptured through the rough landscape.

3. Te Maketu

This historic place of New Zealand near Auckland is home to unmatched natural sights particularly the picturesque valleys, fertile soil and mild climatic condition prevalent throughout the year. Historians believe that human settlement of Maori tribe began at around1600 and continued until the 1860 when the land was seized as a result of war. In 1865 immigrants from England, Ireland and South Africa began human habitation in this land. They primarily arrived in Te Maketu as missionaries or for trading purposes. In order to preserve this rich historical site a combined effort was taken by the government of New Zealand and the natives of the place to protect and conserve this place, and in this regard Maketu Pa Historic Reserves was created in 1975.

Thus, each of the great historical places of New Zealand bears an inevitable distinctive identity of its own which makes it more remarkable.


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