National Symbols of New Zealand

The national symbols of New Zealand are a manifestation of the rich history, culture and heritage of the country. So here's providing you an insight into this.

To know more about the national symbols of New Zealand, here's providing you some information on this aspect.

1. God Defend New Zealand

Regarded as one of the national anthems of New Zealand, it has great significance in the lives of the citizens living in New Zealand. "God Defend New Zealand" was written in 1870 by Thomas Bracken, and music was composed by John Joseph Woods. Due to its increasing popularity in the 19th and 20th century, it was finally adapted as one of the national anthems of the country through a legal procedure.

2. Coat of Arms of New Zealand

The Coat of Arms of New Zealand is regarded as the official symbol of New Zealand and was initially granted by King George V on 26th August 1911. Since 1911, the central shield has not been changed: while a quarter of the shield of four stars representing the Southern Cross constellation, is also seen in the national flag of the country. The golden fleece stands for the farming industry, while a wheat sheaf representing agriculture and the two hammers correspond to the mining activities and industrial development. A recent addition to it is that the shield is supported by two women on both sides of it holding the flag of New Zealand, and a warrior of Maori tribe having a taiaha.

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

3. National Flag of New Zealand

The Flag of New Zealand bears striking similarity with Union Flag. It has four red stars with a white border. The stars represent the configuration of Crux, referred to as the Southern Cross, in New Zealand.

National Flag of New Zealand

4. Kiwi

The small species of flightless birds form an invariable part of New Zealand's identity known as kiwi. Different scientific variations have been observed on the behavior of this species of birds after lots of research work. They also form an important part of rich traditional customs of New Zealand where nature is worshipped and apprehended as great gift of God.

Thus, these national symbols of New Zealand are a true representation of the life style of the people living there.



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