Places to visit in New Zealand

In the recent times, the land of New Zealand has become an attractive tourist destination mainly because of its wide ranging scenic landscapes, picturesque snow clad mountains and famous old historical edifices. There are many places to visit in New Zealand since each place has its own distinctive identity. Moreover, the warm hospitality of the people living there makes it a great place to visit throughout the year.

Here providing you some glimpses of the popular places of visit in New Zealand as---

1. Auckland

This teeming city of New Zealand, is situated in the North Island comprising of spring of islands and small group of cities which contributes to its growing popularity as the most happening place of the country. The mild climate of the region coupled together with scintillating night life and varied unmatched recreation facilities makes this place an ideal spot for spending an ideal vacation. Even walking through the bustling streets of Queen Street, Ponsonby Road, and Karangahape Road gives you a unique opportunity to know more about the traditional Maori culture and cuisine. Other prominent places of visit in this city are--- Auckland War Memorial Museum, the National Maritime Museum, Albert Park, Myers Park, Auckland Volcanic Field, and not to miss the famous nature preservation centers like Devonport, Waiheke Island and Rangitoto Island.

2. Marineland

Are you an adventure freak? If yes, then come to the wonderful Marineland which offers the visitors ample scope for indulging themselves in varied recreation activities. Swimming, river rafting and extravagant dolphin shows forms an inevitable part of this great fantasy land. You can spend some time with the exotic New Zealand fur seal and little blue penguins after the show is over. Lilliput Model Railway offers daily tours for the visitors at fixed hours. Moreover, this place is well connected by road and train facilities from any part of the country.

3. New Zealand's National War Memorial

This landmark war memorial is situated in Wellington commemorating the sacrifice of those people of New Zealand who took active part in the consecutive wars of World War, South African war and the war conflicts in the South-east Asian countries of Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. The National War Memorial is actually divided into two parts as War Memorial Carillon and the Hall of Memories. While the Carillon is actually a massive steel frame work consisting of 23 bells intended to produce great harmonic effect, the later Hall of Memories has six memorial alcoves with each one catering to information on the different subdivisions of the New Zealand Armed Forces.


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