Cities of Nigeria

The different cities of Nigeria offer an amazing glimpse of the intriguing Nigerian life style. If you want to experience the exciting life of Nigeria then a visit to these important cities of Nigeria will lead to an enthralling feel of the vibrant Nigerian mode of living. Here's providing you information on well known cities of Nigeria---

1. Abuja

Well known as the capital city of Nigeria, the splendid architectural landmarks of Abuja entitles it to be a hub of various multi-cultural activities. With a population of more than 1 million, it is also one of the largest cities of the country. Abuja officially became the capital of Nigeria on 12th December 1991. It is also one of the best planned cities of Africa and was developed by I.P.A (International Planning Associates), an association of three American firms. It is interesting to note that the semi lunar shape of the city is done keeping in mind its topographic conditions.

2. Benin City

One of the largest cities, located in the southern part of Nigeria is famous for its sea-ports and food processing centers. This old city was actually founded around the 10th century. And it ceremoniously served as the capital of the Kingdom of Benin, during the reign of Oba Empire which served as the nerve center of art, trade and commercial activities flourishing from the 14th to the 17th century. Major features of the Benin City include the Benin City National Museum and the Oba's Palace.

3. Enugu-

In the earlier days, Enugu was originally the capital of the Eastern Region until May 30, 1967, when it was declared the capital of Republic of Biafra. The end of Nigerian Civil War in 1970, led to the emergence of a number of states and Enugu became the capital of Anambra State. In 1991, Anambra State was divided into two new states, Enugu State and Anambra State. Enugu continued to be known as the capital of the Enugu State. Majority of the people living in Enugu belong to the Igbo tribe. Due to the presence of large deposits of coal, the city is nicknamed as "the Coal City".

4. Akure

One of the most popular cities of Nigeria, the city of Akure is inhabited by majority of Yoruba ethnic group of people. It is situated in the south western part of Nigeria and is the capital of Ondo State. Many historical rock excavations dating back to the Mesolithic period have been found on the fringes of the city.

5. Calabar

Statistics indicate that this city of Nigeria has been inhabited for over 2000 years dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The city has a wide social and cultural set up and is also home to some of the finest architectural land marks of the world. Calabar is widely appreciated for its modern network facilities and warm hospitable nature of the common masses.

Thus, these facts on cities of Nigeria present you a wide outlook of modern Nigerian life.


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