Geography of Nigeria

The vast geographical features of Nigeria have long been an object of fascination for geographers who have spent a great deal of time studying its inherent aspects. The geography of Nigeria is replete with interesting facts and information. The actual geographical area covered by the country is 923,770 sq. km of which total land area is 910,770 sq. km. The extensive coastline of Nigeria shares an approximate area of 853 km. Nigeria is situated in the western part of Africa and is located at an latitude of 10? 00 N, 8? 00 E. On the northern part of the country lies Niger, onto the east is Cameroon while Atlantic Ocean is located on the south and Benin to the west.

The comprehensive geography of Nigeria has been divided into regions such as--- the south, or Guinea coastlands; the central region; and the northern part of Nigeria. The country consists of 36 states with Abuja as its current capital. It's important to note that the climatic conditions of the country vary greatly due to its close proximity to the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. The tropical region which falls towards the southern part has temperatures of 90F while the subtropical regions in the North experience a temperature of 60F to 100F. There are two main seasons prevalent in Nigeria. One is the rainy season from May to September in the northern part of Nigeria, while in the southern part it is from March to November. The dry season, exists from December till January widely known as the 'Harmattan' season in Nigeria.

The major rivers of Nigeria include--- Anambra, Cross River, Gongola, Hadejia, Ka, Kaduna, Katsin-Ala, Ogun, Owena, Osse, Sokoto, Kamadugu, Yedseram, Osun,Yobe, and Zamfara. The country of Nigeria is also rich in varied natural resources some of the prominent minerals found in this region are natural gas, petroleum, tin, iron ore, coal, limestone, lead and zinc. The exhaustive wildlife of Nigeria attracts nature lovers from different parts of the world. The most popular animals found in the jungles of Nigeria are--- elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, antelope, monkeys, jackals and hyenas.

Thus this information on Geography of Nigeria presents a vivid outlook on the geographical location of Nigeria and its various aspects.


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