Heritage of Nigeria

The African heritage has long been a characterized to be enchanting and enthralling experience to foreigners. Likewise, the heritage of Nigeria too has its vivid cultural and historical background to bank upon. One of the major aspects of Nigerian heritage lies in the fact that it provides an amazing glimpse of the traditional Nigerian life style and its different facets well preserved through monuments.

Here's providing you information on popular heritage sites of Nigeria---

1. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

Reckoned as a holy place by majority of Nigerians, this place is said to be the home of the goddess of fertility Osun, belonging to the Yoruba gods. It is located on the fringes of the city of Osogbo surrounded by dense forests. The surrounding areas of the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove are filled with sanctuaries and holy shrines, as well as sculptures and illustrations depicting Osun and other Yoruba gods and goddesses. Because of its rich natural diversity, it s often referred to as one of the popular sacred forest of the world.

2. Oban Hills, Korup

Located towards the south eastern part of Nigeria, the Oban Hills are situated in midst of the Cross River National Park and the Korup National Park. The place is famous for its rain forests and steep hills and valleys. Since it's a vast area, the division between the two villages has served as the major source of geographical link between the two parts of Oban Hills. In the recent times, several international volunteer organizations have come with new projects and reform measures intended to protect the park from illegal encroachment and hunting of animal species dear to the country.

3. Kwiambana or Ningi

One of the popular places of great historical importance in Nigeria, it is well known as Kwiambana Game Reserve and home to many rocky mountainous areas and well maintained structures made of mud. The mode of house construction in this area has always fascinated architects coming from different parts of the world and even served as inspiration for many.

4. Niger Delta Mangroves

The Niger Delta is well known as prominent seashore of the country with the presence of diversified waterways and store house of nearly 2.5 million oil barrels making it a rich deposit of oil reserve of the world. The delta is also home to Nigeria's largest rainforest area and mangrove hub along with the presence of big freshwater lakes and rivers. In the due course of time, Niger Delta Mangroves has become a popular marine center of the country in the last few years. The huge flora and fauna of this region serves as the source of livelihood for many families who continue to reside in this part of the country since many years.

Thus, an overview of the heritage of Nigeria gives a clear and concise idea of its rich natural bio-diversity and fascinating historical past.


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