Historical Places of Nigeria

A visit to Federal Republic of Nigeria remains incomplete without paying visit to the historical places of Nigeria offering you a glimpse of the great events that reshaped the destiny of the country. The important historical places of Nigeria boasts of remarkable monuments and forts scattered at different cities and towns of the country.

To know more on the historical places of Nigeria here's providing you some details---

1. Calabar

Located in the south eastern part of Nigeria, the profound city of Calabar has been inhabited since the past 2000 years. During the 15th and 16th century, the city served as an important sea port with major trading activities carried out here. Many landmark buildings built over the past few decades continues to attract tourist from different parts of the world. The first Presbyterian Church of Nigeria was built in 1846, along with the monorail. In the recent years, Calabar has developed many world class shopping malls and stylish resorts which are a class of their own.

2. Ibadan

With a population of more than 3 lakhs, the city of Ibadan was founded in 1830 as a military bastion. While later, the city developed into one of the most developed Yoruba city-state and gained more prominence with the establishment of British rule in 1893. In the ancient times, Egba tribes first settled in this part of Nigeria, followed by the set up of Yoruba armies from Ife, Ijebu, and Oyo. Over the years, it has become an important commercial centre, and home to some of the best educational institutes of the country. The old mosques of the city with its intricate designs and art form an inevitable part of its cultural identity.

3. Lagos

One of the most populous cities of Nigeria, Lagos has a long history to bank upon. Lagos was once regarded as a hub of Yoruba settlement and in the subsequent years was under the rule of Benin kingdom for a considerable period of time. In 1861 Lagos formally became a part of British colony and was a nerve center of economic activities till the famous Biafran War. Lagos city is now a big metropolis with wide connectivity and modern shopping complexes scattered at every nook and corner of the city. The city was once officially heralded as the capital city of Nigeria.

4. Kano

Regarded as one of the important historical places of Nigeria, the city is well known for its historic architectural splendor which is a class of their own. The city also houses the many craft markets widely known for its traditional artifacts. Major tourist attractions places include are---Sahelian Emir's Palace, Kano Central Mosque and the Gidan Makama Mosque and The Gida Dan Hausa.

Thus, these historical places of Nigeria represent the rich heritage of the country.


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