National Heroes of Nigeria

The national heroes of Nigeria are well known for their significant contribution in their relative field. Their hard work along with their able leadership skills found way into millions of Nigerian hearts. Some of the popular national heroes of Nigeria have also achieved great heights of success in the international arena.

Here's sharing with you some facts on national heroes of Nigeria---

1. General Yakubu "Jack" Dan-Yumma Gowon

Born in October 19, 1934, Yakubu belonged to the Ngas tribe from Lur, a small hamlet, situated in Kanke Local Government Area of Plateau State of the country. His early days were spent in Zaria, a prominent city of Nigeria since his parents were involved in various missionary works in that city. Yakubu also had his earlier education there and later graduated from the University of Warwick in U.K. In 1954, he joined the Nigerian army and subsequently graduated to the post of Second Lieutenant on October 19th in 1955. During the political and military instability of the country, General Yakubu played a great role which is undeniable. He was the Head of the Federal Military Government of Nigeria, August 1st 1966 to July 29th 1975. His role as the foreign minister of Nigeria from 1966 to 1967 has been widely appreciated from all quarters of Nigerian society. On July 25th 1975, when he was attending an O.A.U summit meeting in Kampala, a group of military officers led by Brigadier Murtala Mohammed attempted a military coup and he was forced to live in exile in U.K. Yakubu later returned to his own country at the insistence of President Shehu Shagari.

2. Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu

One of the most charismatic leaders of Nigeria, Nzeogwu was born in the year 1937 in Kaduna. He went to the military academy at Sandhurst in England, and eventually in the later years became the Chief Instructor at the Nigerian Military Training College in Kaduna. Nzeogwu was a god-fearing Roman Catholic and was strong idealist. His forte as a military officer came to light when in the wee hours of January 15th 1966 Nzeogwu led a group of fierce some military officers from the eastern part of Nigeria, in a revolt against the Nigerian First Republic. Though it was futile attempt, he was later arrested followed by a signing of a contract with General Aguiyi-Ironsi he became the first military Head of State. He died during the Biafran War in 1967.

3. Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello

Reckoned as one of the most prominent political protagonist of Nigeria, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello was born on the 12th June, 1910, in Rabbah, in Sokoto State. He was inevitably born with a silver spoon in his mouth as his family was believed to be the founder of Sokoto Empire. Ahmadu Bello had his earlier education in Sokoto Provincial School and later at Katsina Teacher's Training College. His political stint began when in 1934; he became the district head of Rabbah, and was later promoted as the divisional head of Gusau city. After his return from England, Ahmadu Bello became the representative of the Sokoto province in House of Assembly. In the year 1954, Bello became the top Premier of Northern Nigeria. His efforts to unify the different tribes of Nigeria received good response from different parts of the country. On 15th January 1966, he was assassinated.

Thus, this information on national heroes of Nigeria reflects the political struggle of the country and the significant contribution of these leaders in this respect.


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