Places to Visit in Nigeria

Are you planning to visit Nigeria! If so, then there are innumerable places to visit in Nigeria offering the visitors a glimpse of the exotic Nigerian lifestyle and its unique tourist places of attraction. Even the historical places to visit in Nigeria leaves you with an enthralling appeal coupled together with grandeur of the rich heritage of Nigeria which has been an invariable part of its inherent cultural growth.

To know more on the important tourist places of visit in Nigeria, here's providing you information on this---

1. Yankari Game Reserve

Often referred to as the land of vast natural diversities, Nigeria has many worth seeing natural sanctuaries. With an area of more than 900 square kilometers, the Yankari Game Reserve is home to some of the best wildlife species as--- lions, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, monkeys, gazelles, Egyptian cobras, marabou stork, crocodiles, African pythons, water buck, glossy ibis, foxes, baboons, Senegal parrots etc. This famous reserve has also modern styled architectural landmarks and resting houses with world class amenities.

2. Kano City

Regarded as one of the major centers of trading and industrial activities, Kano is also one of the most important historical places of the country. The city has been well known for its architectural landmarks, dating back to 999 A.D. The historical importance of the country has paved way for the establishment of a cultural and handicraft center. In the early part of 16th century, Kano gained prominence as promulgation of Islamic religion spread across far and wide. In 1809 the city was conquered by the Fulani, but later regained its potentiality as popular trade hub.

3. Lagos

One of the popular places of visit in Nigeria is Lagos which is the nerve-center of commercial activities in Nigeria. The city was once the capital of Nigeria and houses some of the best museums of the world. Majority of the tourists from the neighboring countries of Nigeria, visit the dazzling beach resorts of Lagos which offers the visitors a scintillating night outs and wide gastronomical delights.

4. Anambra

Situated in midst of the River Niger, Anambra is a quiet place to spend a romantic weekend with your loved one. If you are a great lover of traditional art forms, then you have come to the right place for it offers you a wide array of traditional artworks made in a most unique way. The best time to visit Anambra is during the Omaba festival and Yearly yam festival, which invariably attracts thousands of visitors every year to this bustling small city. Due to its close proximity to the sea, the city also houses many ports and harbors which are well structured and very modern in outlook.

5. Osun Osobgo

This place has a religious and mythological significance to the people of Nigeria, and since then has been an object of fascination for foreign tourists. The Osun River flows through the, Yoruba country side forming into lagoons later. Osogbo is a well planned town and the annual Osun Osogbo festival is the talk of the town for it offers an amazing glimpse into the rich Nigerian traditions and culture.

Thus, these facts on places to visit in Nigeria present you the interesting features of the Nigerian lifestyle and its popular tourist spots.


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