Demographics of North Korea

Geographically, the country of North Korea falls in the eastern part of Asia. The country covers an area of 46,540 square meters surrounded by Yellow Sea. The demographics of North Korea have undergone various changes over the last few years.

Though the country draws its main traditional origins from the old Korean nation, yet in the recent years a gradual transformation has left behind some indelible marks in its growth and development. The country of North Korea is officially known as Democratic People's Republic of Korea (D.P.R.K)

North Korea as a country has grown from strength to strength and developed a unique culture of its own. Historical evidences suggest that during the Japanese invasion of the country the then Japanese government forced Koreans to adopt the Japanese language and culture in every aspect of Korean life from cuisine, art, architecture and even traditional folklores of the country drew inspiration from the traditional Japanese cult. After of the end of Korean War especially during 1960's and '70s, the country's economic growth achieved great heights of success coupled together with the expansion of infrastructure facilities. Political demography of North Korea also experienced a gradual change with the death of Kim Il Sung's death on 8th July, 1994 followed by a period of instability. North Korea is inhabited by Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and European people who have migrated to this part of the world long back. Almost 21% of the land is cultivable in North Korea and the major agricultural products are rice, corn, soyabeans, eggs and pulses.

Here's sharing with you some facts on demographics of North Korea---

  • Density of population: 184 persons per sq. km (477.5 per sq. mi.).
  • Annual Economic growth: 1.9%.
  • Official language: Korean.
  • Major religions prevalent in North Korea: Buddhism, Confucianism, shamanism, and Chundo Kyo.
  • Literacy rate: 99%.
  • Life expectancy: female 72; male 66.
  • Infant mortality rate: 30 per 1,000 live births.
  • Per capita income: $1,100
  • Principal trade partners of North Korea--- Russia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore
  • Currency: 1 won = 100 chon.

Thus, analysis demographics of North Korea give you an idea of the present condition there in the country.


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