Geography of North Korea

Geographically, North Korea is situated in the eastern part of Asia, sharing it's a border with China along the Yalu River, Russia along the Tumen River, and South Korea along the D.M.Z. The Yellow Sea and the Korea Bay lies towards the west coast of the country and the East Sea on the eastern coast. It lies at latitude of 4000'N and longitude 12700'E. It shares a land boundary of 1,673 km. The Korean Peninsula extends from southward to the northeast which is approximately 1000 kilometers. It has a broader coast line of 8,460 kilometers. Majority of the geographical features of North Korea consist of mountainous terrains.

Geographical Features of North Korea

The area around Paektusan along WITH the Chinese North Korean border is mainly a volcanic belt with lava plateau's scattered around, situated at a height of 1,400 and 2,000 meters above sea level. The Hamgyong Range, sited towards the extreme northeastern part of the peninsula, has many high mountainous peaks including the famous Kwanmosan. Other major ranges include the Rangrim Mountains, located at the north-central part of North Korea and which runs in a north-south direction. Kumgangsan, or Diamond Mountain, situated in the T'aebaek Range, extending up to the South Korea, is famous for its vast scenic natural beauty.

Climatic Conditions in North Korea

North Korea has a continental climate due to its location. The climate is temperate with moderate rainfall during the summer. Often some parts of the land experiences worst natural calamities which includes---typhoons, floods and drought. The average climate is characterized by long winter with snow storms as a result of northern and northwestern winds that blows from nearby land of Siberia. In January the temperatures are -3 C and -13 C. In the northern part of North Korea especially in the mountainous regions, the summer tends to be hot, humid, and rainy because of the southern and southeastern monsoon winds that blow from the Pacific Ocean.

Wildlife in North Korea

With vast natural diversities scattered through out the country, the comprehensive geography of North Korea also offers an interesting insight into its extensive wildlife species. Some of the popular wildlife species in North Korea are--- deer, roe deer, Amur goral, brown bear, tiger, lynx , northern pika, water shrew, Manchurian ring-necked pheasant, hawk owl, pine grosbeak and the three-toed woodpecker.


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