History of North Korea

The history of North Korea has been reshaped by different historic incidents and events which occurred at different times. Over the years, the political history of North Korea has been under the thick cloud of controversary especially in regards to its execution of its numerous nuclear programmes in the recent time which has in fact stirred the hornet nest.

A Brief Historical Background of North Korea

We all know that before the creation of North Korea and South Korea, different mythological stories have been woven around the origin of the Korean nation. In Korea mythology there is a story of the birth of the Korean nation when a god named Hwanung He later married and his wife gave birth to a son, Tangun who first established the first capital of the Korean nation in 2333 B.C. and calls it Joseon - Land of the Morning Calm. In ancient times, Shamanism was widely practiced followed by the spread of Buddhism in the later part of the decade. Since then Korea, was a peninsula and surrounded by the great powers of the Orient, attempts were made to invade the country by different foreign rulers. Korea was invaded by the Japanese in 1592-98 which in return led destruction of many worth while buildings and also loss of many Korean lives.

The Japanese continued to rule over the Koreans for over 35years and in 1919 saw a rage among the majority of the Koreans and thus on August 15th 1945 Japan surrendered itself followed by the establishment of North Korea. In the earlier decades of 20th century, the land of North Korea remained quite aloof from the mainstream international politics. After the futile attempt by the Japanese army during the World War 2 which inevitably led to the division of Korea as according to the provisions of the United Nations agreement based on the 38th parallel. Accordingly, North Korea was placed under the rule of the Soviet Union while the south under the regime of U.S.A. But in the due course of time, there led to a conflict in ideas on the execution of Joint Trusteeship over Korea, this political contravene finally led to the establishment of two separate countries with each having their own set of government.

Korean War and the Present Political Scenario of the Country

The Korean War, which started from June 25, 1950 and lasted up to July 27, 1953, led to the division of Korea. The invasion of capitalist South Korean forces in North Korea marked the beginning of a new era of political and military instability of the country. A comprehensive history of North Korea remains incomplete without mentioning the great leader of the nation Kim Il-sung whose remarkable contribution to the economic and social growth and development of the country has received world wide recognition even from the far- off lands of European and American nations.


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