National Flag of North Korea

North Korea Flag

The national flag of North Korea was designed on 1948 and has colors as blue, red and blue. The flag was finally adopted on 8th September 1948 as a part of its national symbol. The significance of National Flag of North Korea lies in the fact that each color in the flag stands for the rich heritage of the country and its traditional values which are no less than a matter of pride for the people of North Korea.

Features of the National Flag of North Korea----

It has been believed that white is the traditional color of both the Korean nations and invariably stands for purity, strength and dignity. The blue color in the national flag symbolizes pledge for peaceful co-existence of all people living in the country while the red stands for socialism.The star in the national flag of North Korea signifies the important role played by members of the Korean Workers Party, towards creating a new era of economic, social and political growth of the country after World War 2. The white stripes on the star signify the traditional Korean 'T'aeguk, which symbolizes the universe. The proportion of the flag is 6: 2: 17 : 2 : 6. The red stripe in the national flag of North Korea has a white disc with a red five-pointed star. The five-pointed star also signifies the inherent desire of the North Korean people in building socialism under the aegis of the Korean Worker's Party. The white disc however stands for the traditional yin and yang symbol.

Thus, the national flag of North Korea represents the rich cultural heritage of the country.


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