National Heroes of North Korea

The national heroes of North Korea have left behind some indelible marks in their respective fields of interest. A glimpse into the glorious history of North Korea provides you with interesting insights into the lives of these popular national heroes of North Korea.

Here's sharing with you interesting information on national heroes of North Korea

1. Kim II-sung

One of the great leaders of North Korea, Kim Il-sung was born in the year 15 April 1912 and is also regarded as the founder of the country. Little is known about his family background as it's commonly believed that he is one of the eldest of the three brothers of his family. During his early years, he joined various armed forces thereby becoming a member of the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army, which was then a guerrilla group headed by the Communist Party of China. His political stint began when he joined the Communist Party of China in the year 1931. Kim Il-sung played a significant role during the Korean War. After the formation of North Korea, Kim Il-sung displayed keen interest in bringing about a radical change in every sphere of North Korean life, hence he launched a five-year economic plan to establish inspired by the Soviet Union of Russia. Kim initiated and developed the policy of 'Juche' which means self-reliance. Towards the later years of 20th century, Kim outgrew himself to an average person to a popular political celebrity of the country. His death on 8th July 1994 came as big blow to his countrymen who saw him as no less than a 'father of the nation'. He was the Prime Minister of North Korea from 1948 to 1972 and President from 1972 till his death.

2. Kim Jong-II

Regarded as the successor of Kim Il-sung, he took over the reigns of the administration of North Korea after his father's death. Kim Jong-il was born in February 16, 1942. Since his illustrious father spent most of his time in politics, his inclination towards political field was an obvious choice. He had his earlier education in China and later attended Kim Il-sung University and graduated in 1964. He is presently serving as the Chairman of the National Defense Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army and General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea. In the past few years, his political moves has been constantly watched by the international media groups which in a way also questioned issues related to his efforts on human rights issue and execution of nuclear weapon testing.


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