National Symbols of North Korea

The national symbols of North Korea represents the rich historical and cultural past of the country accumulated over a certain period of time. Over the years, well defined economic policies have helped the country to attain economic heights through industrialization. The importance of national symbols of North Korea lies in the fact that it enhances the rich traditional identity of the country through a set of symbols which are unique in their own.

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1. National Anthem of North Korea

Till the division of Korea, both the Korean nations followed the popular Scottish song 'Auld Lang Syne'. The song of national importance gained wide proportion in the last few years though in the preceding years certain changes were made keeping in mind the nationalistic fervor of the nation. The national anthem of North Korea is known as ''Aegukka'. The lyrics of this song was written by Pak Seyong and the music was compiled by Kim Won'gyun. Since the past few years, different stories have been woven around the origin of this song.

2. National Flag of North Korea

On 8th September, 1948 the present day national flag of North Korea was finally adopted as a part of the official symbol of the country. The ensign was developed in 1948 and consists of colors as blue, red and blue each of these colors separated through a stripe of white line. The blue color stands for peace of the nation, the red signifies North Korea's struggle for socialist revolution and the shades of white for the traditional Korean values resembling the true nationalistic ideals of North Korea and sovereignty of the nation. The star invariably represents the prosperity of the nation achieved under the able guidance of the Korean Worker's Party.

North Korea Flag

3. Coat of Arms of North Korea

Like other countries, the 'Coat of arms of North Korea' bears striking resemblance to the natural diversities of the country. It however draws inspiration from the coat of arms of Soviet Union. One of the interesting features of this national symbol of North Korea is that it has the lay out of a hydroelectric power plant situated near the famous Mount Paektu and the flashing light of a red star, with pictures of rice plant on the side of the shield tied with a red ribbon. On this the inscription titled as "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea" are written on it in the form of Hangul language.

North Korea Flag

4. National Flower of North Korea

The national flower of North Korea is 'Siebold's Magnolia' better known as "Mongnan". The flower is quite native to some countries of South-eastern Asia and is usually in the form of shrubs. It blooms during the spring and has a mythological significance to the inhabitants of North Korea.

North Korea Flag


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