Places to Visit in North Korea

The varied places of visit in North Korea offers you a taste of the traditional North Korean lifestyle redefined in a unique way to meet the needs of the changing times. This far-eastern nation of North Korea is replete with many worth while natural diversities and historic landmarks which are a class of their own. The famous historical places of visit in North Korea unfold into a never ending tale of mystery and grandeur which is hard to ignore.

Here's presenting you some facts on popular places of visit in North Korea---

1. Myohyang-san

One of the major places of tourist attraction in North Korea is Myohyang-san which is in fact a popular mountain peak. The place is also home to some ancient temples built during 11th century. Due to the presence of wide natural diversity and wild life species, it is no less than paradise for nature lovers. If you're an adventure freak, you can definitely try out hiking and skiing in these mountainous slopes. Often referred to as "Mysterious Fragrant Mountain", this tourist site boasts of world class hotels providing stylish and comfortable living especially for visitors.

2. Kaesong

Kaesong was once the capital of North Korea during the reign of Koryo Dynasty and has many ancient architectural remains. The city now falls on in North Hwanghae Province of North Korea; it also regarded as the hub of various commercial activities and has over the years grown into an important industrial zone of the country. If you get a feel of the intrinsic North Korean culture, then you can come to this city for it houses some of the best art museums of the country which are regarded to be the store house of the historic relics such as Chomsongdae, Kaesong Nam Gate, Anhwa Temple, the Tomb of King Kongmin and the Tomb of King Wanggon. The popular Manwoldae palace located near this city attracts the maximum number of tourists from different parts of the country.

3. Baekdu Mountain

Popularly known as the 'Changbai Mountain' according to Chinese terms, Baekdu Mountain is actually a volcanic highland situated in midst of the border between China and North Korea, at a latitude of 4200'24?N and longitude of 12803'18?E. The Koreans however call it, 'Baekdu-san', which invariably means "white-headed mountain". The place is also home to many wildlife animals such as tigers, bears, wolves, wild boars and distinct varieties of deer which are extensively found in the forests of this region. Majority of the tribes who reside in the surrounding areas of the Baekdu Mountain worship this mountains they believe it possesses some spiritual powers.

4. Rason

Formerly known as Rajin-Sonbong, it shares its borders with Jilin province of China and Primorsky Krai of Russia. With a population of more than 205,000 the city has gained prominence over the last few years as a popular tourist destination of North Korea. In the year 2000, the place was renamed as "Rason".


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