Political System of North Korea

The political system of North Korea has undergone several changes over the last few years in order to boost up the economic growth of the country. A major aspect of the North Korean political system lies in the fact that it is widely seen as a totalitarian dictatorship built upon the rationale of centralization. After the end of World WAR 2, the vast country of Korea was divided into two countries as North Korea and South Korea. For a considerable period of time, North Korea was placed under the Soviet Union's rule, which in the due course led to the emergence of wide protest from different quarters of North Korean population.

Functioning of the North Korean Government

Politically, North Korea is structured as a Communist state with special references taken from the Russian constitution. Under the aegis of Kim Il-sung, the concept of Juche, or self-reliance was launched. The constitution of North Korea proclaims North Koreas as the "the Democratic People's Republic of Korea". A comprehensive analysis of the political system of North Korea remains incomplete without mentioning the different divisions of the government as---executive, legislature and judiciary. Fore mostly, the executive branch consists of the Premier and the cabinet ministers. However, the official position of the Chairman of the National Defence Commission has so far been declared as the highest administrative authoritative council of the country. The executive council also functions in close co-ordination with the Workers' Party of Korea.

The formation of cabinet of North Korea consists of the Premier, Vice Premiers and group of ministers headed by the Premier. The legislative council of North Korea is officially known as the Supreme People's Assembly (S.P.A) and is supreme power making body of the country. It has 687 members elected for a term of five years. The judiciary of North Korea is presided over by the Central Court, consisting of a Chief Justice and two People's Assessors, in some case three judges might be appointed. Each and every court in North Korea should be based on the same composition as that of Central Court. The judicial system is to extend accountable to S.P.A Supreme People's Assembly and the Presidium of the S.P.A in cases of emergency concerning matters of national interest.

In the Present Times

After the end of Korean War, North Korea's foreign relations with the Western counterparts soured to a great extend. Since the country follows the Communism form of rule, hence it has strong ties with China and Russia. After the death of Kim Il-sung, the country faced a political turmoil for some time yet within a short span of time the present ruler of the country Kim Jong-il took over the reigns of North Korea and since then the country has made great inroads in developing sophisticated nuclear missiles. Also the basic infrastructure facilities have improved a lot over the last few years.


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